Academic Paper Awards

Deadline: May 3, 2021

The availability of all awards is contingent upon the receipt of adequate funding.

AACAP Norbert and Charlotte Rieger Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Award

This award recognizes the best published or unpublished paper, written by an AACAP member, that uses a psychodynamic framework and presents: 1) clinical material demonstrating the inner life of an infant, child or adolescent or 2) research material that promotes psychodynamic principles in order to illustrate the paper's idea or hypothesis. The paper should include consideration of a DSM diagnosis and a focused literature review that includes current psychiatric literature. The material for this paper may be drawn from clinical practice or from clinical research. The recipient will receive a $4,500 honoraria at a Distinguished Awards Luncheon and make an Honors Presentation about his or her work during AACAP’s 68th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

Please send an electronic copy of your paper to the attention of Jeffrey Strawn, M.D. and Sergio Delgado, M.D., Co-Chairs, Psychotherapy Committee, c/o the AACAP Clinical Practice Department to