AACAP Engagement Pathways

Explore opportunities for networking, mentorship and possible sponsorship through the following:

Ongoing Mentorship

Peer to Peer style mentorship program that provides trainees with mentorship on various topics of interest. Sign up here to be a mentor. Sign up here to be a mentee.

  • MSR Virtual Career Development Events

Virtual Q&A sessions with CAP professionals about training, work experience and other career information across different specialties.

Affinity Groups

The specialty/identity focused components below offer collaborations and networking throughout the year, and during the Annual Meeting.

AACAP Committees

There are 57 committees of which ~ 40 are specialty focused. Each committee has 13 formal spots, with 2-year appointments, and some committees include one resident member appointment. While the Committee on Medical Students and Residents (MSR) is the only component that appoints medical student committee member appointments, AACAP trainee members can explore feasibility for involvement on committees (that hold open meetings) in an affiliate capacity. To sign up for committee involvement in other specialty focused components,

  • Visit the AACAP joining a committee webpage, and view recent committee reports; reports may include current initiatives and how often a committee meets.
  • For any components of interest, contact the designated AACAP staff liaison and inquire as to whether the meetings are open and whether it is possible to join the contact list.


Members who wish to engage in mental health advocacy, learning about the latest state and federal initiatives and effective strategies to organize grassroots activities may join the Advocacy Liaison Network.

Academic Focused*

AACAP Alliance on Learning and Innovation (AALI)


  • Asian Caucus
  • Black Caucus
  • Hispanic-Latinx Caucus
  • International Medical Graduate (IMG) Caucus

AACAP’s Caucus groups provide a forum for AACAP members within their own racial/ethnic groups and international medical graduates to network and collaborate on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)-focused initiatives. Activities include providing affinity-based mentorship, convening in safe spaces to discuss identity-focused challenges specific to their workplaces and communities, and work on programming, advocacy activities, and publications to highlight topics of shared interest within the cohorts. There are four AACAP Caucuses: Asian Caucus; Black Caucus; Hispanic/Latinx Caucus; International Medical Graduate Caucus. These groups meet at varying times throughout the year. Sign up here if you wish to receive notifications of upcoming Caucus events.  

Annual Meeting Mentorship

Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows: Meet Life Member Mentors at the AACAP Annual Meeting

  • Inaugural Annual Meeting trainee mentorship event during which trainees network with AACAP's most distinguished senior leaders, the AACAP Life Members.

Medical Student and Resident Breakfast

  • Open to all medical students, residents, and fellows, the Medical Student and Resident Breakfast provides an opportunity for medical students and residents to network with peers, as well as prominent child and adolescent psychiatry mentors, in an informal setting. Guided by a program theme, an early, mid and late career CAP selected by trainees share their career experiences and participate in a Q&A with the attendees.

Two Day Mentorship Program for Medical Students and Residents

  • More than 160 trainees were paired with 40 early to senior child and adolescent psychiatrist mentors to build relationships, share ideas, address challenges, and reflect on work-life balance.

Resource Center Meet and Greet

  • Informal networking forums for trainees to meet with Training Program Directors and Committee Members, introduce themselves, obtain expert advice from mentors, and learn about various ways to participate in available opportunities.

Life After Combined Training: Perspectives and Mentorship Opportunities for Triple Board and Post-Pediatric Portal

  • Trainees interested in Triple Board and Post-Pediatric Portal Programs can participate in a Q&A session with
    certified AACAP leaders and Members.

NEW!! Early Pipeline Workforce Development Mentorship and Networking Program

In collaboration with AACAP’s Diversity and Culture Committee and the Caucus groups, AACAP will launch a pilot program designed to expose future generations from underrepresented communities to rewarding CAP careers.