Join an AACAP Committee

We want you to become an AACAP resident committee member!
Each AACAP committee is recommended to include two resident positions. Resident committee members provide a valuable interface between implementing the goals of AACAP and the needs of current residents in child and adolescent psychiatry. Residents are encouraged to attend committee meetings during the Annual Meeting to meet co-chairs and learn more about committee projects. Most committee meetings are open to all AACAP members. Enhance your career by serving on a committee!

What is a committee?
AACAP committees are composed of child and adolescent psychiatrist members. Committees are charged by AACAP leadership to create specific objectives and deliverables designed to advance the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. Read full descriptions of all AACAP Committees.

Why serve on an AACAP committee?
Serving on a committee is a great way for you to advance your careers and experience a unique opportunity to further the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. As a resident committee member, you will have the ability to advocate for the most pressing issues in the profession, while building leadership skills and knowledge in your areas of interest. Through committee affiliation, you will network with senior AACAP members and develop collegial relationships that often result in advancement of career goals and opportunities.

What are the responsibilities of resident committee members?
Responsibilities vary by committee. Please view the activity of all committees by accessing the annual reports. All committees convene during the AACAP Annual Meeting in October of each year. Additional time commitments include participating in conference calls and working on projects via email throughout the year. Resident members are required to attend meetings and participate in all committee activities. While resident members are non-voting members, this group's participation and input is essential to the productivity of each committee.

Who is eligible to serve on a committee?
AACAP child and adolescent psychiatry residents, triple board residents, and post-pediatric portal residents who are not already serving on another committee are eligible. General psychiatry residents may apply to serve on a committee; however, child and adolescent psychiatry residents receive priority appointments.

How long are the resident member terms on committees?
Child and adolescent psychiatry residents are appointed for two-year terms. The president and committee chair reserve the right to remove committee members at any time.

How do I apply to serve on a committee?

  • Find the list of committee with resident openings by emailing the Executive Office Coordinator, Reina Hamayama, via email.
  • Email your committee application with the following information to Reina Hamayama via email:
    • list of your top three committee choices;
    • curriculum vitae (CV); and
    • 1-2 page letter of interest on why you would like to become more involved in AACAP by serving on a committee, and why you chose your top three committees.

Why do I need to select three committees?
Each committee is recommended to have two resident members. Due to the high demand of many committees, the resident spots may already be full. In this event, AACAP will submit your CV and letter of interest to the chairs of your second and third choices for their review.

We welcome and encourage resident participation in committees as a means of actively participating in AACAP. Please contact the AACAP Executive Office Coordinator, Reina Hamayama, via email if you have any questions.