Ethics Library

Additional AACAP information is provided as well as descriptions of and links to other professional websites providing information on ethical principles, issues and practices. AACAP does not endorse any of these sites; the links are provided for member convenience. Sites were chosen for their provision of educational material on various bioethical issues.

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AACAP Information and Documents
AACAP ethics resources including details on the membership requirement for ethics education are described. Information on the Ethics Committee composition, activities and contact information are listed.

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Other Professional Organizations
Brief descriptions and links to ethics that is available on the websites of other professional organizations.

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Other Ethics Sites
Brief descriptions and links to other websites that focus on ethics related to medicine, psychiatry and youth.

Website content is meant to be educational and should not be considered clinical advice or standard of care. Each clinical, research and administrative situation is unique; and each state has different rules and regulations governing medical practice.