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Ethics Committee
Arden D. Dingle, M.D. (Co-Chair)
Gail Edelsohn, M.D.(Co-Chair)
Earl Magee (Staff)

Information on Committee Responsibilities/Tasks

  • To educate the membership about ethical issues related to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, especially in the areas of conflict of interest and ethics of influence.
  • To explore ethical issues, including those related to the AACAP policies, and to refer possible positions to Council.
  • To advise regarding complaint and appeals procedures.
  • To establish links with ethics committees of related professional organizations in order to enhance the mutual flow of relevant information and knowledge.

Information on How to Participate in Committee Activities
The ethics committee is eager to collaborate with any member who is interested in participating in the committee activities. Individuals at all levels of training and experience are welcome. Interested individuals should contact the committee chair at AskEthics@accap.org.

Ethics Requirement FAQ