Ethics in Action

The emphasis of this section is on understanding and managing the practical and general issues that impact the functioning, mental health and treatment of youth, their families and those who work with them in medical and other settings. Included in this section is information on how to get help with ethical questions, commentaries on various ethical issues, AACAP News Ethics Columns and videos on various topics.

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Expert Opinion
This section contains information on how to contact the ethics committee for help with a case or for information on specific topics. Response time will be as rapid as possible but may take up to 4-6 weeks.

For urgent issues, members are encouraged to call the AACAP main office at 202.966.7300 and request to talk to an ethics committee member.

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Ethics Columns
Links to AACAP News ethics columns organized by topic.

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Hot Topics
Information and resources on contemporary and current topics that affect children, adolescents and families and the clinical practice of child and adolescent psychiatric practice.

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Code in Action
How the AACAP Code of Ethics is used operationally in practice and how its principles can be helpful in clinical, research and administrative activities and decision making are described in this section.

Website content is meant to be educational and should not be considered clinical advice or standard of care. Each clinical, research and administrative situation is unique; and each state has different rules and regulations governing medical practice.