Foundation of Ethics

This section provides information on some of the foundations and basics of bioethics relevant and applicable to the practice of medicine and child and adolescent psychiatry. In addition to information on important historical precedents and documents, there are reviews and discussions of various approaches to considering, analyzing, reviewing and utilizing ethical ideas and values.

Research Ethics Image

Research Ethics
Information and resources on ethical issues related to the conduct of research with children and adolescents. Links to important and relevant documents and information is also included.

AACAP Code Ethical Principles

AACAP Code of Ethical Principles
Additional information and resources on the principles underlying of the AACAP ethical codes and policies.

Ethical Theories Image

Ethical Theories
Resources on some of the ethical theories relevant to the practice of medicine and to work with children, adolescents and families.

Approaches to Analyzing Ethical Issues Image

Approaches to Analyzing Ethical Issues
Information and resources on and various approaches to understanding and analyzing ethical issues in child and adolescent psychiatry practice.

History and Other Topics Image

History and Other Topics
Ethical principles influence and reflect societal perspectives and practice and these values and behaviors change over time. These subsections have information on various topics related to the lives of children, past and present such as children's rights, corporal punishment, views of childhood, child labor and school.

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