1953 Society

AACAP 25th Founder’s Anniversary, Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA, 1978

Pictured: Top, l-r: Joseph Weinreb, M.D.; Frank J. Curran, M.D.; Edward D. Greenwood, M.D.; Oscar B. Markey, M.D.; Stella Chess, M.D. Bottom, l-r: Viola W. Bernard, M.D.; S. Spafford Ackerly, M.D.; Eveoleen N. Rexford, M.D.; George E Gardner, M.D.; Othilda Krug, M.D.; Maurice R. Friend, M.D.

The 1953 Society is AACAP's program for honoring and thanking members and friends of AACAP who have arranged a bequest or estate gift to the Academy.

As a member of the 1953 Society, you are connected by a shared purpose, one that envisions your AACAP powering the global progress child psychiatrists are achieving for children with mental illnesses.

You are connected by the idea that every child has big dreams. And, that mental illness should not, and must not stand in their way of achieving them. Because what child psychiatrists do is the difference between a life of wasted potential, and a life where a child’s full potential is unleashed.

As a member of the 1953 Society, among the benefits you will receive currently include:

  • A 1953 Society Pin
  • Recognition in AACAP publications, including AACAP News, Annual Report, Registration Magazine, Life Members eNewsletter, and AACAP News Clips. (NOTE: Your recognition is with permission only and will never specify the details of your plan)
  • Exclusive advance invitations to AACAP special events
  • Permanent listing on special 1953 Society page on AACAP website
  • A certificate of your membership in this extraordinary Society
  • Periodic estate planning updates
  • Invitation to a special President’s luncheon/dinner at AACAP’s Annual Meeting
  • Anyone who notifies AACAP that the Academy is named as the beneficiary of a gift through his or her will, or through an estate gift during his or her lifetime is automatically enrolled as a member of the Society. The 1953 Society gratefully acknowledges benefactors whose bequests and estate gifts to the Academy demonstrate that the future of AACAP was close to their hearts


Please call the Office of Development to discuss how you can become a member of the 1953 Society. If you have already named AACAP as a beneficiary of a bequest or estate gift, please let us know through our online donor intent form so that we may welcome you as a member.