Our national organization publishes lots of information for families and patients. This includes information about such topics as ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression and how to find a child psychiatrist. Please visit the AACAP Family and Youth Resource Centers for more information.

A Suicide Prevention Resource Guide with sections for teachers and school staff, Colorado specific resources and programs, resources for families and concerned others and treatment options in our state. To download the guide, click here.

A Suicide Prevention Reference List that includes power point presentations from the keynote speaker and local panelists, a suggested reading list, websites for further research, academic and research references and links to suicide prevention programs that were mentioned at the meeting. To download the list, click here.

A Suicide Pocket Reference Card for teachers and school staff that includes Risk Factors and Warning Signs, Communication Tips, and a list of Actions to Take when concerned about a student. To download the card, click here.

Elementary School Suicide Prevention Training program resources. More information coming soon

Elementary School Suicide Prevention Training PowerPoint

Marijuana Links

Recently, Colorado has seen staggering increases in adolescent marijuana use. Many parents, teens and teachers are confused about marijuana as both medicine and drug of abuse. Here is a link to materials written by our past president, Dr. Thurstone and the Colorado Department of Education called Understand the Big Deal: How Marijuana Harms Youth. This resource includes a one-page info sheet, a brochure and a slide set. Feel free to make copies and distribute.

#TeensTalkMentalHealth Video Project Links

The #TeensTalkMentalHealth grant project involved interviewing Colorado teens to share their perspectives on what their mental health needs are in their own words. We have crafted a video for legislators and policy makers, encouraging them to listen to teen voices. Additionally, we have put together a video aimed at informing parents about teens’ needs from their own perspective.

Legislative Video: https://youtu.be/wirtJkyltVs

Parent Video: https://youtu.be/ZWiNWvNpuSk