AACAP Releases Online Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument

Washington, DC November 20, 2018 - The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) is excited to release an online Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII) training option for individuals and agencies in need of a service intensity indicator for children and adolescents, 6-18 years of age.

The new online training option consists of five self-paced eLearning modules detailing all the necessary components to properly score and utilize CASII. It is ideal for agencies or individuals who would benefit from a refresher or those who only need to train a small number of individuals. The online option is now offered in addition to the existing in-person trainings.

CASII can be used at all stages of intervention and is designed for use in all child-serving systems to facilitate integrated attention to the child’s needs. It is independent of diagnosis, promotes effective communication between providers and systems, and informs clinicians’ engagement with the child, family, and community.

More than 35 states and numerous agencies use CASII to determine service intensity level needs of children and adolescents. It is unique in its capacity to determine a service intensity need, guide treatment planning, and monitor treatment outcomes in all clinical and community-based settings. CASII links the results of a clinical assessment with a defined level of service intensity using a clinically derived and empirically tested algorithm. It is user-friendly, culturally informed, and supports active participation by child and family

The online CASII training modules are available for purchase in AACAP’s Online Store and accessed through Pathways, AACAP’s online learning portal. For more information on this product, please contact Samantha Phillips, Communications Manager, at sphillips@aacap.org.


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