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The Evidence-Based Psychosocial Standards of Care is an Essential Component of Comprehensive Cancer Care for Children with Cancer and Their Families

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 13, 2015 – The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry endorsed the "Psychosocial Standards of Care for Children with Cancer and Their Families" to be published in a special supplement of Pediatric Blood & Cancer. The Standards were developed following rigorous research and academic requirements and processes, involving over 60 clinicians and researchers from the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. This three year international project incorporating over a half dozen different health care disciplines resulted in an historic collection of evidence-based standards that define what children with cancer and their families must receive to effectively support their psychosocial needs along the cancer trajectory.

“Having evidence-based Standards of Care defined for the psychosocial care of children with cancer and their families represents a watershed moment in addressing the mental health needs of these patients and their families," said Paramjit T. Joshi, MD, AACAP Past-President. "The creation of these standards highlights the importance of addressing mental and physical health services and treatment in unison. As AACAP moves toward responding to our ever-changing specialty with collaboration and integration, it is my hope that the sharing of initiatives like this will lead to more well-rounded care for children and their families."

The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation spearheaded the effort to create and implement Standards of Care to ensure patients and families have access to psychosocial care from the time of diagnosis, through survivorship, or end of life and bereavement care. “We learned firsthand during Mattie’s treatment and end of life care that childhood cancer is not just about the medicine. Children and their families need appropriate support as a complement to the medical care provided. The Standards of Psychosocial Care are essential to enhancing the quality of life for children and their families, because we know that psychosocial issues do not end when the medical treatment is over," said Vicki and Peter Brown, Co-Founders of the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation and parents of Mattie Brown.

Once the Psychosocial Standards of Care for Children with Cancer and Their Families are published, The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation and the team of pediatric oncology experts will work to encourage the rapid adoption of the Standards in clinical sites throughout the country. Learn more at


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