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Publishing Ethics in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Essentials for Authors and Readers.

This article describes and discusses a number of ethical issues related to publishing in child and adolescent psychiatry and the importance of considering these concerns when reading the literature.

Ethical Issues Related to Publishing and Reviewing

Ethical Issues in Biological Psychiatric Research with Children and Adolescentss

This article summarizes the discussions and recommendations of 1993 NIMH conference on biological research in children and adolescents.

Ethics and Research With Vulnerable Children

  • Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Link coming soon.)
    Edelsohn GA.; Vol. 51, Issue 6, Pages 566-568

This editorial reviews and discuss ethical issues related to doing research with children and adolescents.

Conducting Research with Children: Legal and Ethical Issues

This author reviews and discuss the issues related to conducting research with children and adolescents. After providing some background, the article describes relevant regulations and guidelines and then discusses issues related to pediatric psychopharmacolgy research.

Ethical Issues in Psychiatric Research on Children and Adolescents

This article provides information on the history of research ethics and guidelines, the different priorities of clinical care and research and the typical structure governing research.

Ethics in International Studies: Population - Based Documentation of Health and Human Rights

  • Child and War Institute, AACAP Annual Meeting (Link coming soon.)
    Lawry, Symposium 21; 2009

Children as research subjects: ethical and legal considerations

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America (Link coming soon.)
    Levine R.; 1995;4(4):853-68

This article provides an overview of the ethical issues occurring when conducting research with children and adolescents. The three essential principles of respect of persons, beneficence (considered to include benefits and no harm) and justice are described. The dilemmas produced by the inability of children to consent are reviewed with a discussion of the various arguments for and against the use of proxy consent. Some of the issues related to orphan drug trials are summarized. Public policy concerns about the least vulnerable population, assent, and permission are explained. Risk and potential benefit are reviewed. Issues related to mature minors are described.

Ethical Problems and Principles in Human Research

The authors review and discuss ethical issues relevant to research with children and adolescents.

Making Research Data Available: An Ethical Imperative Demonstrated by the SSRI Debacle Pediatric Psychopharmacology Initiative

Ethical Principles Governing Research in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

This articles reviews and discuss the ethical principles relevant when conducting research on children and adolescents.

Ethical Standards for Research on Children

Evaluation Metrics Applied to Clinical Research Conflict Management

  • AACAP Annual Meeting (Link coming soon.)
    Rubin, Poster 4.47; 2008

Ethics and research with vulnerable children

  • JAACAP (Link coming soon.)
    Edelsohn, GE.; 51:6, 566-568 2012

The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct

Interactive movie that allows participants to be one of various characters doing research and having to make various decisions that can have significant consequences. Various topics related to research integrity are addressed.