2011-2013 Presidential Initiative: Back to Project Future

BPF Final Report - Plan for the Coming DecadeBack to Project Future (BPF) was one of the Presidential Initiatives of Martin J. Drell, M.D., AACAP President (2011-2013). Back to Project Future created a time-limited and highly-focused structure and process that enabled a diverse group of AACAP members to develop a consensus of priorities and action steps for AACAP in the areas of: Service/Clinical Practice, Training and Workforce, and Research. The BPF Steering Committee and Subgroups obtained and synthesized input from AACAP components, members and other organizations. The final report's goals, recommendations and action steps were developed to be useful for: child and adolescent psychiatrists in practice, child and adolescent psychiatrists in academic institutions, child and adolescent psychiatrist researchers, public policymakers, and primary care physicians and allied child mental health professionals. The final report ("Plan for the "Coming Decade") defines a "shared vision" and "roadmap" of where the subspecialty of child and adolescent psychiatry and AACAP needs to be in 2023 and how to get there from 2013.

Back to Project Future is addressing these important questions:

  • What will child and adolescent psychiatry be like ten years from now?
  • What practice models and types of practice will be utilized in the coming decade?
  • What research is needed to advance child and adolescent diagnosis and treatment in the coming decade?
  • What changes will be needed to train child and adolescent psychiatrists?

Project Vision Statement
The "Back to Project Future" Presidential Initiative developed prioritized recommendations that define and promote high quality preventive and clinical services, education and training, research and advocacy in child and adolescent psychiatry across the coming decade (2013-2023). These recommendations will be used to guide the Academy in:

  • Promoting mentally healthy children, adolescents and families.
  • Defining the professionalism, ethics, training and skills of child and adolescent psychiatrists.
  • Promoting the development of broadly effective interventions and treatments for children and adolescents.
  • Supporting child and adolescent psychiatrists' practice in systems of care and other child serving systems.

BPF AACAP News Articles
To view articles that were published in AACAP News to update the membership on BPF, please click here.

BPF Final Report "Plan for the Coming Decade"
The PDF of the final report was created to be as user-friendly as possible. Chapters in the table of contents (p.iii) and recommendations outlined in the index (p.82) can be easily accessed by placing the cursor over them and left clicking, you can also download and view individual sections by clicking on the links below.

Organization and structure of the final report - "Plan for the Coming Decade":

Section I - "Introduction" contains the project's "Executive Summary" and a brief "Background" section describing the organization and development of BPF.

Section II - "Overview of the Coming Decade" summarizes the major issues and themes in CAP anticipated during the decade. This overview also briefly describes how the issues and themes are addressed in the Plan for the Coming Decade.

Section III - "Goals & Recommendations (the "roadmap") for the Coming Decade" contains the "BPF Vision Statement and BPF Core Values and Principles." The majority of this section is a comprehensive resource document, "Goals, Recommendations, and Action Steps," containing the detailed recommendations and action steps for each goal in Plan for the Coming Decade. The collective "Goals, Recommendations, and Action Steps" constitute the "roadmap" for AACAP and the field of child and adolescent psychiatry over the coming decade. Some goals, recommendations, and action steps are more fully developed than others. This section should be viewed as a resource document – a broad menu with many choices of "routes" on the "roadmap".

Section IV - "Special Topics" contains brief overviews and analyses of six areas in child and adolescent psychiatry that were selected by the Steering Committee in view of their importance to the field in the coming decade.

Section V - "Conclusions" contains the key takeaway points from the report that were developed by the BPF Steering Committee. This section also has the BPF Steering Committee's priority "Recommendations with Action Steps" from the report to help focus the first two years of implementation (2013-2015).

Section VI - "Next Steps/Implementation" describes possible implementation strategies for Back to Project Future.

Appendices – Contains definitions of terms, acronyms and abbreviations, a topical index, the BPF FAQs and rosters of all BPF participants.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please send an email to clinical@aacap.org.