Toolbox of Forms

A. Medical History and Record Requests
Forms to be prepared by parents and other physicians

B. (and D). Baseline (and Repeat Monitoring) of Clinical Symptoms
Scales for Baseline and Repeat Clinical Monitoring

C. Baseline Medication

D. Medication Monitoring
Medication response and side effect ratings by parents.

E. Outcome Scales
Use of health services.

F. Psychopharmacological Information Sources (Professionals and Families)
Information and reporting for professionals and families.

G. Clinical Care and Quality Improvement - Rating Scales

The AACAP Toolbox for Clinical Practice and Outcomes Research Resource Center was developed in collaboration with the Pediatric Psychopharmacology Initiative (PPI) under the AACAP Research Committee and the AACAP Consumer Issues Committee. For questions, please contact the AACAP Research, Training and Education Department at