Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation (KTGF)
Medical Student Program

For more than 15 years the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation (KTGF) has provided funding to a coordinated network of medical schools across the country to administer the Klingenstein Medical Student Program (MSP). Each school selected to participate as an MSP carries out a unique, customized program that encourages medical students to pursue child and adolescent psychiatry as a career specialty. All programs emphasize mentorship and clinical experiences. Programs may also expose medical students to research, advocacy, and other unique opportunities. The MSPs also participate in many other important projects including an annual KTGF National Medical Student Conference, special lectures, and networking opportunities with child and adolescent psychiatry leaders. While some participants do not go on to pursue psychiatry, they will still gain a broader perspective of behavioral/mental health from their time in the KTGF MSP.

Since the program’s inception, over 700 hundred students have participated in the MSP at over 15 medical schools. While programming at each institution is unique, all MSPs aim to incorporate the following core program components:

  • Mentorship
  • Clinical experiences
  • Research opportunities
  • Advocacy opportunities

Participating Medical Schools

KTGF National Medical Student Conference

To learn more about the KTGF Medical Student Program, visit https://klingenstein.org/klingenstein-third-generation-foundation/medical-student-program/.