Training Toolkit Acknowledgements

October 2009
Updated 2021

The AACAP thanks the following individuals for their contributions of enormous time and expertise:

In the initial development of the toolkit:
Kaye McGinty, M.D., Past Systems of Care Committee Chair, Mark Chenven, M.D., Debbie Carter, M.D., Gordon Hodas, M.D., Robert Klaehn, M.D., Justine Larson, M.D., Larry Marx, M.D., Peter Metz, M.D., Susan Milam Miller, M.D., Abigail Schlesinger, M.D., Bela Sood, M.D., Peter Stanbro, M.D., Nancy Winters, M.D., Al Zachik, M.D., and David Musick, Ph.D. for his work analyzing and evaluating the data from the pilot program.

In the module reviews of the toolkit:
Consultation: David R. DeMaso, M.D., D. Richard Martini, M.D.
Family-Driven, Youth-Guided Care: Sandra Spencer and the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, AACAP Family Committee
Cultural Considerations in Systems-Based Practice: Andres Pumariega, M.D. and the AACAP Committee on Diversity and Culture
Organizational and Financial Structures in Mental Health Systems: AACAP Committee on Healthcare Access and Economics
Education System: Richard E. Mattison, M.D.
Child Welfare System: George Fouras, M.D., Mary Garrett Itin, MSW, LSW
Juvenile Justice System: William Hefron, M.D.
Primary Health Care System: Robert J. Hilt, M.D.
Developmental Disabilities System: Robert L. Hendren, D.O.
Substance Abuse Treatment Services System: Peter R. Cohen, M.D. and the AACAP Committee on Substance Abuse, Dotti J. Farr, LSW, LADC, CCDP Diplomat
Early Childhood Services System: Charles H. Zeanah, Jr., M.D., David B. Pruitt, M.D.

In the module revisions of the toolkit:
Charlene Brown, M.D., Mark Chenven, M.D., Gordon Hodas, M.D., Robert Klaehn, M.D., Justine Larson, M.D., Kaye McGinty, M.D., Peter Metz, M.D., Susan Milam Miller, M.D., Abigail Schlesinger, M.D., Heerain Shah, M.D., Bela Sood, M.D., Nancy Winters, M.D., William P. French, M.D., Terry Lee, M.D., Christopher Bellonci, M.D., Sandi Kazura, M.D., Lisa R. Fortuna, M.D., and Al Zachik, M.D.

Participating residency programs:
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Duke University Medical Center, Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, Texas A&M HSC/COM/Scott & White Memorial Hospital, UC Davis Health System, University of Puerto Rico, and the University of South Florida

The Institute for Innovation & Implementation, The TA Network, and the University of Maryland School of Social Work:
Meredith Gunn, Ph.D., M.S.W., Director of Instructional Technology & Media, Goldie Morton, Ph.D., Curriculum Writer, Jacob Whiteford, M.S., Instructional Designer, Dani Butts, M.S., Instructional Designer, Jill Carter, Instructional Designer, and Gary Wolnitzek, M.S., LMS Administrator.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry staff:
Fernando S. Valles, M.P.H., M.S., Clinical Practice Program Manager, Alex Sittig, Web Manager, Kristin Kroeger Ptakowski, Past Director of Government Affairs and Clinical Practice, and Jennifer Medicus, Past Assistant Director of Clinical Practice.

This toolkit was reviewed by the AACAP Work Group on Training and Education on October 16, 2009.

This toolkit was reviewed and approved by the AACAP Council on October 30, 2009.