Life Members

Life Member LogoAACAP Members qualify as Life Members when their age and membership years total 101, with a minimum age of 65 and continuous membership. Life Members are seasoned professionals with tremendous expertise. Led by the Life Members Committee, activities include a Wisdom Clinical Perspectives and Life Members Reception and Dinner at the Annual Meeting, mentorship opportunities, a seasonal e-newsletter, and more.

Life Members Fund
Life Members Dinner 2011The Life Members Fund provides resources for Life Members to conduct a variety of programs to support younger child and adolescent psychiatrists in their efforts to treat children and adolescents with mental disorders. Learn how to donate to the Life Members Fund.

Life Members Committee
Richard L. Gross, MD, Co-Chair
Cynthia R. Pfeffer, MD, Co-Chair
Thomas F. Anders, MD
Perry B. Bach, MD
Gabrielle A. Carlson, M.D.
Martin J. Drell, MD
Joseph J. Jankowski, MD
Paramjit T. Joshi, MD
Douglas A. Kramer, MD
Richard Sarles, MD
John E. Schowalter, MD
Ellen H. Sholevar, MD
John B. Sikorski, MD