CASII and ECSII Manuals

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Child & Adolesc Serv Inten Inst (CASII)-Supplemental Manual
Child & Adolesc Serv Inten Inst (CASII)-Supplemental Manual
For the purchase of supplemental manuals for agencies and individuals who HAVE PREVIOUSLY undergone AACAP approved training on the proper use of the CASII. For information on training options reach out to AACAP’s Clinical Practice Department.
The Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII) is a standardized assessment tool that provides a determination of the appropriate level of service intensity needs of children and adolescents from ages 6-18 and their families. It is unique in its capacity to determine a service intensity need, guide treatment planning, and monitor treatment outcome in all clinical and community-based settings. The CASII links the results of a clinical assessment with a defined level of service intensity using a clinically derived and empirically tested algorithm. It is user-friendly, culturally informed, and supports active participation by child and family. The CASII can be used at all stages of intervention and is designed for use in all child-serving systems, including behavioral and developmental health, physical health, education, child welfare, juvenile justice, and substance use to facilitate integrated attention to the child’s needs. It is independent of diagnosis, promotes effective communication between providers and systems, and informs clinicians’ engagement with the child, family, and community. The CASII assesses the service intensity needs of children and adolescents presenting with psychiatric, substance use, medical and/or developmental concerns across six key “dimensions”: Risk of Harm, Functional Status, Co-Occurring Conditions, Recovery Environment, Resilience/Response to Services, and Involvement in Services.
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