Annual Meeting Institute Notebooks

2018 Annual Meeting Institute 1 Notebook
2018 Annual Meeting Institute 1 Notebook
An Advanced Update in Psychopharmacology Relevant to Clinical Practice
Keeping abreast of contemporary findings in psychopharmacology can be challenging but highly beneficial to those in clinical practice because it serves an important role in the treatment of specific psychopathology in youth. The expansion of new medications and medication combinations has enhanced the ability to treat youth, however, clinicians are often unaware of the newest findings, especially when treating complicated cases that require or may benefit from more advanced psychopharmacology. With emphasis on case examples as the learning platform, this Institute reviews basic pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of psychotropic medications used in pediatrics; presents information on newer treatments available to clinicians; provides strategies for treating refractory autism, ADHD, anxiety, and mood disorders; and emphasizes applying the fundamental principles of pharmacotherapy in clinical practice. When applicable, adjunct psychotherapies are introduced.
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