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AACAP Statement Opposing Actions in Texas Threatening the Health, Mental Health and Well-Being of Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and Their Families

Washington, DC, March 1, 2022  – The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) supports the healthy development of all children, adolescents, and their families, including transgender and gender-diverse youth and families.

Recent state attacks on gender-affirming support and care for transgender and gender-diverse youth endanger the welfare of many young people across the country. These attacks undermine the right of parents and caregivers to access evidence-based and developmentally appropriate treatment. The goal of gender-affirming care is to help children and adolescents understand their gender as one facet of their identity while building resilience and increasing family and social supports.  Attempts to criminalize gender-affirming care deprive youth and families of treatment and endanger the physician-patient-caregiver relationship, which is the foundation of pediatric healthcare. The allocation of scarce child protective services to these efforts further endangers youth who actually require those important services. Gender-affirming care is not child abuse. 

Variations in gender expression are not pathological; rather, they represent normal dimensions of human development. All youth and families benefit from access to professional support and information about gender development. Gender-affirming care is informed by long-standing standards of care and by evidence-based clinical studies supporting improved mental health and health outcomes for youth. For transgender and gender-diverse youth, family and social supports have improved mental health outcomes and functioning, and for some, medical treatment may be necessary. AACAP has strongly advocated for gender-affirming evidence-based care and vehemently opposes efforts to block access to care.    

So many youth and families across the United States are experiencing mental health crises during a national children’s mental health emergency.  Marginalized youth, including transgender and gender-diverse youth, are particularly vulnerable to higher rates of mental health conditions, including suicidality.  

Child and adolescent psychiatrists, pediatricians, and child welfare professionals share a common mission: protecting and promoting the health and well-being of all children.  Policymakers who share this goal must seek solutions that safeguard the safety and health of America’s youth, respect the clinical decision-making of licensed pediatric healthcare professionals, and promote health equity for children across all child-facing systems of care.  


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