AACAP Stands in Solidarity with the Family of Mr. Tyre Nichols

WASHINGTON, DC, February 3, 2023 - AACAP’s heart aches for Mr. Tyre Nichols, his family, friends, and the family and friends of other victims   dealing with yet another an unimaginable loss. Mr. Nichols’ death is a grave injustice and affront to our humanity. Those responsible must be held accountable, but we can’t stop there since the killings at the hands of the police have not stopped. 

The killing of Mr. Nichols is a reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and equality faced by black communities, and it has a place within the broader context of Black History Month. During this month, we celebrate the contributions and achievements of black people throughout history while also acknowledging the ongoing challenges and injustices that they face. The death of Mr. Nichols serves as a somber reminder of the work that still needs to be done in order to address systemic racism and to ensure that all Black lives are valued and protected. As we observe Black History Month, it is important to remember the ongoing struggle for justice and the work required in creating a more equitable and just society for all. 

We stand in solidarity with the Nichols family, the Memphis community, communities of color, and so many others in expressing our anger and outrage. We vehemently condemn the officers’ actions, while recognizing that condemnation alone does not equal justice nor change. This is a critical moment for our country, and there is still so much work to do. 

As an organization dedicated to the health and well-being of all children and families, we remain steadfast in our priorities and efforts in advancing diversity, inclusion, belonging, and health equity at every turn. We remain vigilant in creating shared solutions for confronting racism and violence so we can build a world together that is safe for everyone.

We stand with Mr. Tyre Nichols’ family and condemn this horrific and terrible act of violence and the systems and structures that perpetuate police brutality and preventable violent deaths of Black men and women. 


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