Who are ECPs? Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) are defined as those who are less than 7 years post-graduation from child and adolescent psychiatry training. This includes current Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows.

What is the ECP Connect Program? The ECP Connect Program was developed as part of an initiative by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The Michigan Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is one of 15 regional organizations chosen by the AACAP to receive funding to develop an ECP Program.

What activities are sponsored by the ECP Connect Program? The MCCAP ECP Connect Program is in the process of developing a network of ECPs and mentors in the various areas of child and adolescent psychiatry academic psychiatry, including forensic psychiatry, infant mental health, psychoanalysis, research and systems of care. Mentors and ECPs will be matched based on interests, and will have the opportunity to communicate in person as well as via email and video/tele-conference. We also plan to sponsor a networking event to facilitate connections between mentors and ECPs.

What are the benefits for ECPs? ECPs will have the opportunity to receive real-world guidance regarding topics such as career expectations after graduation, practice opportunities, standards of practice, and work-life balance.

What are the benefits for Mentors? Mentors will contribute to the future development of child and adolescent psychiatrists and provide valuable guidance for professionals in a field with significant workforce shortages. Mentors will also have the opportunity to participate in collegial exchange about topics such as changing technology, advocacy and legislation, and maintenance of certification.

How can I learn more? To learn more about the MCCAP ECP Connect Program, or if you are interested in becoming involved as an ECP or mentor, please contact Ann Dills at redwardconsulting@comcast.net.