Telepsychiatry Guidelines and Policies

Below are resources from AACAP and other organizations on practice guidelines and information, including new tip sheets for families and clinicians on how to conduct telepsychiatry with patients diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders.

How Covid-19 Has Impacted Telehealth Policy - Center for Connected Health Policy
Includes links to state regulations regarding physician licensure across state lines, originating site of service, and audio only coverage, and other items, both permanent and temporary changes, during any remaining public health emergencies and because of Covid-19.

Tips for Clinicians Treating Patients Diagnosed with Neurodevelopmental Disorders via Telepsychiatry  (January 2021)

Tips for Making the Most of Your Telepsychiatry Session  (January 2021)

Clinical Update: Telepsychiatry with Children and Adolescents  (October 2017), The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Summary of practice principles for telepsychiatry with children and adolescents

Best Practices in Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health (April 2018), The American Psychiatric Association and The American Telemedicine Association. A collaboration for the APA and ATA succinctly stating best practices.

Delivery of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services through Telepsychiatry
A policy statement encouraging each state to pass legislation allowing the delivery of psychiatric services through videoconferencing and reimbursement of those services.

AACAP’s Facts for Families: Telepsychiatry and Your Child (No. 108 Updated May 2019)