Finding the Balance

Time Management and Mindful Practice
Effective time management is essential for a happy and successful career. Learning to use your time wisely while you are at work leaves more time for family, friends and relaxation! Below are some links that you might find helpful. Members of your local professional community will also be a good source for information, so contact your AACAP Regional Organization to help you find a mentor!

Safety in the Workplace
Maintaining safety in the workplace is important for you, your patients and your co-workers. Below are some resources to help you create a safe environment.

Balancing Family and Career
Having a busy and satisfying career, while enjoying a full personal and family life seems like a challenge for many ECPs. Read here about senior colleagues' experiences.

Personal Health
Maintaining one's own physical and mental health is a prerequisite for a long and satisfying career and a good means to prevent burnout and impairment.

Pursuit of Meaningful and Aligned Work
Find interesting thoughts on the important topic of meaningfulness at work in the below study.