2015 January Psychopharmacology Institute Update Notebook
THE PAST DECADE has seen a revolution in the delivery of health care. Not only does the practitioner have to contend with electronic medical records, e-prescribing, and the Affordable Care Act, but also the profession is moving from solo practice to a Medical Home, the definition of which is in a state of flux. In some instances, the child and adolescent psychiatrist becomes co-located in "the Medical Home," which may be in the same offices as a primary care practitioner, or may be a virtual home where some other kind of consultation is provided. Given the small size of the child and adolescent psychiatrist workforce compared to that of primary care, we need to develop ways of extending ourselves through consultation in addition to whatever direct care we can provide. It is vital that child and adolescent psychiatrists not only continue to be updated with best practices, but also know how to share our knowledge and skill most effectively with our primary care practitioner colleagues. This Institute reviews and updates participants both about expert pediatric psychopharmacology, but also about how one can translate this expertise in pediatric psychopharmacology into the pediatrician's practice.