Support the Virginia Q. Anthony Fund

Ginger Q. AnthonyA remarkable chapter came to a close August 31, 2012. Virgina Q. Anthony - to all of us, Ginger - retired. She served the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) for 39 years, and also as our first and only Executive Director.

Ginger's leadership helped define the Academy and field of child and adolescent psychiatry. She was integral in paving the way for a new era for our profession and helped establish AACAP as the leading voice of authority for childhood mental illnesses in research, treatment, and advocacy.

In recognition of her retirement, contributions, and achievements the Virginia Q. Anthony Fund was established. It will support initiatives that Ginger championed, including education and infrastructure. AACAP's leadership - Council, Past Presidents, and Committee Chairs - have donated.

Now we are asking our membership to join in. In celebration of 39 years of service, please consider a one-time donation of $39 or $390. Or, perhaps you would like to donate $39/month. Of course, we will value whatever amount you choose to donate.

There are two ways you can donate. Either online or download the donation form.

Here's the bottom line. The purpose of the Virginia Q. Anthony Fund is more than just honoring Ginger. It is to strengthen AACAP, which supports the child and adolescent psychiatry profession. The real winner will be the children and adolescents we serve. This is what you stand for, and what Ginger championed. Please join the team effort.


Martin J. Drell, M.D. Signature

Martin J. Drell, M.D.