Your bequest can ensure AACAP’s future.

Through a bequest, you may leave AACAP a specific dollar amount, or all or a percentage of your estate. You may stipulate whether your bequest is unrestricted support, or for a specific purpose.

We encourage you to speak with us if you are interested in making a gift for a specific purpose, or if it’s a gift of property other than cash or marketable securities.

Your bequest to AACAP can include cash, marketable securities, real estate, art, or other property. All outright gifts to AACAP should result in a charitable deduction for federal estate taxes (please consult with your attorney).

Your bequest may also be made in honor or memory of another individual.

If you are making or revising your will, we recommend that you consult with an attorney. The Office of Development at AACAP will be pleased to work with you and your attorney.

We have one purpose, to assure that your bequest intent is honored.

Specific Dollar Bequest Language
Naming AACAP as a beneficiary of a specific amount from your estate is easy:

"I give the sum of $_________ to AACAP, [Address], to be used for its general purposes.

Percentage Bequest Language
A residual bequest comes to us after your estate expenses and specific bequests are paid:

"I give [all, dollar amount, or __%] of the remainder of my estate to AACAP, [Address], to be used for its general purposes.

Contingent Bequest Language
You can name AACAP if one or more of your specific bequests cannot be fulfilled:

"If [Name of Primary Bequest Recipient] is not living, I give [all, dollar amount, or ___%] of the remainder of my estate to AACAP [Address], to be used for its general purposes.

On behalf of children and their families, whose lives we are privileged to impact, we are grateful and touched you are thinking of entrusting us with such a personal and important donation. If you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with additional information, please contact us.

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