Supporting AACAP Today... and Tomorrow

Founded in 2013, to celebrate and commemorate AACAP’s 60th Anniversary, the 1953 Society will honor and thank members and friends of AACAP who have arranged a bequest or estate gift to the Academy.

Here, we will list the names of those who have made a bequest or estate gift to AACAP, in the form of life insurance, stocks, or annuities, or by including the Academy in their Will.

This is a very important roster.

Gifts like these will be vital to AACAP, today and in the future. In a few short years, we will look back, value and fully appreciate how your bequest and other estate gifts will have helped the Academy launch and invest in life-changing initiatives for children with mental illnesses.

Two of these areas will be research and growing the global workforce of child psychiatrists. Your bequest and estate gifts will provide medical students and residents with travel scholarships and fellowships; support new research initiatives; and fund dozens of global driven solutions.

The people listed below will help us achieve this. They will help shape the AACAP of tomorrow.

1953 Society Members List

(as of September 30, 2016)

Anonymous (5)

Steve and Babette Cuffe
AACAP Member since 1986

James C. Harris, MD and Catherine DeAngelis, MD, MPH
AACAP Member Since 1982

Paramjit T. Joshi, MD
AACAP Member since 1984

Joan E. Kinlan, MD
AACAP Member since 1974

Dr. Michael Maloney & Dr. Marta Pisarska
AACAP Member since 1976

Jack and Sally McDermott
AACAP Member since 1967

Patricia A. McKnight, MD
AACAP Member since 1978

Scott M. Palyo, MD
AACAP Member since 2002

The Roberto Family

Diane H. Schetky, MD
AACAP Member since 1970

Gabrielle L. Shapiro, MD
AACAP Member since 1993

Diane K. Shrier, MD and Adam Louis Shrier, D.Eng, JD
AACAP Member Since 1970