What is the 1953 Society?
The 1953 Society is AACAP’s program for honoring and thanking members and friends of AACAP who have arranged a bequest or estate gift to the Academy. It is named for the year your Academy was founded, February 25, 1953.

How do I become a member of the 1953 Society?
Anyone who notifies AACAP that the Academy is named as the beneficiary of a gift through his or her will (often called a bequest), or through an estate gift during his or her lifetime is automatically enrolled as a member of the Society.

What is a bequest?
To make a charitable bequest, you need a current will. Then, in your will, you stipulate that AACAP will receive either a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a contingent bequest. It is the simplest way to make a significant gift to AACAP without affecting your assets during your lifetime or what you choose to leave your family.

What if I’ve already written my will?
You can amend a will to include AACAP without rewriting the entire document. Your attorney or other advisor can prepare the simple statement, called a codicil, which adds the provision to include the Academy while reaffirming the other terms of your will.

Can you give me sample language for a bequest to AACAP?
Through a bequest, you may leave AACAP a specific dollar amount, or all or a percentage of your estate. You may stipulate whether your bequest is unrestricted support, or for a specific purpose. Here is sample language for a bequest that is a specific dollar amount: "I give the sum of $_________ dollars ($______) to AACAP, [Address], to be used for its general purposes.”

Why is the 1953 Society important to AACAP and child psychiatry?
The revenue realized from 1953 Society investments will be instrumental in positioning your Academy to become an outstanding voice and institution of child psychiatrists globally, in what is a rapidly shifting national and international landscape. Membership dues alone will not help us achieve this. We want to support bright and highly motivated residents with travel scholarships, step-up our education, and accelerate our investments in research.

What type of gifts can I make to become a 1953 Society member?
There are a number of gifts you can make that will allow us to include you as a 1953 Society member. Some of the most common ones are: (1) a bequest; (2) life insurance; (3) your retirement plan such as your IRA (individual retirement account) or 401(k) plan (a company sponsored retirement account); (4) charitable gift annuities; and (5) real estate.

Do I have to tell you about my 1953 Society intentions?
No, you are not required to tell us. We respect and honor your wish to remain anonymous. Other people have made a bequest or estate gift to AACAP without telling us. We do hope you’re willing to tell us of your decision, as we would love to say thank you, and with your permission, acknowledge it to others. You will also inspire others to consider the 1953 Society in their own plans. Plus, knowing of your bequest or estate gift helps us think and plan differently about the future and the impact we can have on it for children with mental illnesses.

What is AACAP's address and Tax ID?
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
3615 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016

AACAP's Tax ID number is 13-1958990

Can I change my mind about my gift to the 1953 Society?
Yes. Your membership in the 1953 Society is not a legal obligation to AACAP. If, at any time, you feel you need to change your plans or withdraw entirely, we will honor your decision. We only ask that you inform us of this change.