Substance Use

Chasing the HighChasing the High
Author: Kyle Keegan

Keywords: Addiction, Substance Use, Recovery

The introduction discusses the concept of the the Adolescent Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) which coalesced to create an informative reference regarding mental disorders, which present between the ages of 10 and 22 years old. The Annenberg Foundation created a series of mental health books. The first series is heavy in science and research. The second prong of the series is dedicated to smaller books for general readers. The third prong is two websites: 1) and 2)

Kyle takes the reader through the prejudices of society's view of an addict and then through the trip from the normal angst of adolescence to the devastating destruction of heavy addiction and how he decided to allow the choice to become a compulsion. This books includes the science of addiction terminology all in reader-friendly verse.

This journey continues with his “desperate moves” to get and stay addicted to drugs and the pursuit of recovery. He decribes the multitude and the lack of resources to help an addict recover - the trials, failures and successes.

This book has frequently asked questions, a glossary, resources, and a blbliography at the back, making this a great resource tool with clear, concise, and reliable information.

Audience: Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults