NECCAP LogoAACAP Catchers in the Rye Award to a Regional Organization to the New England Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The NECCAP has been chosen by the Assembly of Regional Organizations of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to receive the 2009 Catchers in the Rye Award. This award recognizes the New England Council's advocacy for children in the community, legislative efforts, outstanding local arrangements efforts, led by Dr. Sharon Weinstein, M.D. and record attendance at the 2007 AACAP Annual Meeting in Boston. Highlights of the Meeting included:

  • Attendance
    With an attendance of over 3,700 attendees and 18% international participants, this was AACAP's largest Annual Meeting to date.
  • Membership
    NECCAP/AACAP membership increased from 438 to 488 members during the 2006 to 2007 year of planning. This increase was due in large part to the leadership of Joan Wall, NECCAP Executive Director, and Don Condie, Chair of the Membership Committee.
  • Volunteers
    Much of the meeting's success was due to the involvement of so many NECCAP members. Over 60 child psychiatrists volunteered, in addition to the Local Arrangement Committee members, 213 Monitors, and 15 Research Assistants.
  • Programs
    Our three Practica (Eating Disorders, Consultation-Liaison, and Forensics) were enthusiastically received by sold-out groups.
    Thanks to David Herzog M.D., Dave DeMaso M.D., Steve Schlozman M.D., and Don Condie M.D. for chairing the Practica. (Special institutes and presentations in Psychopharmacology and School Consultation)
    Thanks to Tim Wilens, M.D. and Jeffrey Bostic, M.D., Ed.D. (International Programs represented 60 countries).
    Thanks to Myron Belfer, M.D., M.P.A. (Professional Promotions Initiatives).
    Thanks to Dave DeMas, M.D. and Donna Norris, M.D. (The Psychopharmacology Institute for Pediatricians).
    Thanks to Dave DeMaso, M.D. (Many NECCAP volunteers wrote summaries of the programs for AACAP News. )
  • Trainees
    We thank our members for the highly successful outreach to students and trainees. We recruited over 213 Monitors, including child and adolescent psychiatry residents, adult psychiatry residents, medical students and researchassistants. Thanks to Cindy Telingator, M.D., Gene Beresin, M.D., M.A., Joe Jankowski, M.D., Steve Schlozman, M.D. and the Sub-Committee members for serving as Monitor Coordinators, as well as Sejal Shah for her leadership inorganizing trainees. Thanks to the Monitor Committee and AACAP for introducing on-line registration to streamline the process. Sharon Weinstein, M.D., Cindy Telingator, M..D. and Andrés Martin, M.D., M.P.H. were delighted to welcome the Boston med students at the Boston PsychSign Medical Student Meeting. Thanks to Steve Schlozman, M..D. who led the Mentorship Program.
  • Hospitality Desk
    Many thanks to the Hospitality Committee and volunteers, Chair Gale Pasternack, M.D., who set a warm, gracious and welcoming tone to friends from across the world. Gale's article on "Attractions in Boston" was widely read. Innovative collaboration with the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau again established a precedent.
  • The Art Show and Silent Auction
    With over 40 donations from our members and outside donors, over $4,000 was raised for the Campaign for America's Kids. Special thanks to Stu Copans, M.D., Ludwik Szymanski, M.D, Gale Pasternack, M.D. and the members of the Art Committee. The Open Mic, organized by Chuck Joy, M.D. and many local members, was a lively display of talent.
  • Media
    Media Arrangements went smoothly and professionally, with thanks to the wisdom and experience of David Fassler, M.D. The Media Committee's arrangements with outreach groups were another contribution to our coverage.
  • Receptions
    The Presidential Reception at the Kennedy Library, with Congressman Patrick Kennedy accepting the award on behalf of his father, Senator Ted Kennedy, was poignant and moving. Thanks to the Chiefs of Departments for supporting the Medical School Receptions. Thanks to Gene Beresin, M.D. and Pink Fraud and the Transitional Objects for providing music at the Opening Reception. Special thanks to Tom Anders, M.D., Bob Hendren, D.O., Neal Ryan, M.D., Bennett Leventhal, M.D., Ginger Anthony, Heidi Buttner Fordi, and Jill Zeigenfus for their support and inspiration throughout the entire Annual Meeting.