Assembly News

Assembly of Regional Organizations of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ROCAP)
May 4, 2019
Washington DC

CAPSGW Attendees: Loren Amdursky, M.D., Sonali Mahajan, M.D., Khendra Peay, M.D., Jeanne Holzgrefe, M.D., Laura Willing, M.D..

Here are some of the topics and discussions held in the Assembly meeting:

Dr. Karen Dineen Wagner, president of AACAP, in her remarks, noted that AACAP has been working on online learning resources for its members. You can access them through Pathways on the AACAP website. AACAP under her leadership has also developed a Depression Screening tool.

Other issues dealt with:
CME-new opportunities for resources for ROCAPs, especially the Importance of Trauma and Adversity in the Evaluation and Treatment of Children and Adolescents will be offered through AACAP. Concerns of cost were raised.

Physician Wellness-Drs. Martin and Chilton presented their research on the importance of physician self disclosure of mental illness challenges. AACAP is advocating in a number of states to have licensure questions about current impairment ONLY rather than past treatment or past impairment, since those questions are a disincentive for honest disclosure, and they do not predict poor performance in a clinical setting. They also urged ROCAPs to reach out to support residents and medical students.

Advocacy-strategies for advocacy in the states were shared. Issues that arise nationally are medical marijuana, and prescribing privileges for psychologists.

Updates from partner organizations: AMA, AACAP-PAC, APA.

Lunch tables included discussions on Advocacy, Physician Wellness, Resource Group on Guns, Resource Group on Youth at the Border, Social Media, Early Career Psychiatrists and Residents in AACAP.

Disaster Liaison Committee-working group to be formed with 5 ROCAP reps. Including Loren Amdursky, M.D. from CAPSGW.

Work force shortage
-task force to research the possibility of a new track to develop recommendations to create a direct pathway into the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Other issues discussed: program recruitment, transformation of practice with CAPs consulting to primary care practices.