Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Society of Greater Washington Listserv

Guidelines for CAPSGW Listserv Use

  • No member may use the listserv to make disparaging remarks about any other person, organization or business.

  • The listserv should be used for discussions related to the practice of psychiatry, announcements of upcoming events, and requests for referrals.

  • The listserv should not be used for personal comments or to further a personal agenda.

  • Listserv emails should not be forwarded to a third party without the author’s permission.

  • Respectful discussion of issues that impact our patients and children in general or issues that AACAP or CAPSGW has taken an official stand on is permitted, though advocacy for specific candidates is not permitted under any circumstances as it could violate our non-profit status.

  • Any posting that would violate confidentiality or is made without the permission of the author is forbidden (for example, forwarding a private email to the listserv without the author’s permission or sending any email with potentially identifying information about a patient).

  • Listserv postings may only be made by members of CAPSGW on their own or their patients’ behalf.

  • Please note that any information obtained on the listserv is not a substitute for clinical judgment, especially in an emergency.

  • There are members who appreciate unsolicited information about community resources and there are those who find that intrusive and a drain on their time. We ask that members be mindful of these concerns if making unsolicited posts about resources and services and be responsive to feedback from the leadership. Please do not provide unsolicited self-promotional content.

  • Please include your email with any request so that people can respond to you privately.

  • If you have a question about the appropriateness of a posting, please contact the administrator (at who will refer it to the appropriate member of the Executive Committee.

  • Any member abusing the listserv may be removed.