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Washington, D.C., October 24, 2012 - Shari and Garen Staglin are the recipients of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's (AACAP) 2012 Catcher in the Rye Award. The award recognizes the Staglin's tireless efforts to end the stigma of mental illness.

In 1990, the Staglins' son, Brandon, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and since then they have been leading advocates of mental illness awareness.

Starting in 1995, their collective efforts launched the Music Festival for Mental Health. This annual event at their family vineyard in Rutherford, California brings together renowned chefs and wineries, top musicians, and leading scientists to raise significant funds and awareness of mental illnesses. In 2008, the Music Festival evolved into what is now IMHRO, the International Mental Health Research Organization. Their mission is so focused: to alleviate the human suffering from mental illness. But, it's IMHRO's vision, their "why they exist", that is profound and compelling: "To find a cure for brain disease in our lifetime."

In the 22 years since, the Staglins have launched multiple organizations all with the mission of raising mental health awareness and fighting stigma, including BringChange2Mind organization co-founded with multiple Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globe Award winner, Glenn Close and others. In 2011, Garen and co-founder Congressman Patrick Kennedy created One Mind for Research to unite industry, academia, government and advocacy groups to advance the cause of mental health research, treatment and elimination of stigma.

"Garen and Shari Staglin are the reason we know that the future for our children and adolescents with mental illnesses will be a brighter one," said AACAP Past President Robert Hendren, D.O. "I am deeply proud and honored to present the Staglins with this award."

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The AACAP Catcher in the Rye Award was named after J.D. Salinger's classic novel. It is administered by the AACAP's Assembly and recognizes an individual for outstanding advocacy efforts on behalf of children and adolescents.

For more information on this award, please contact Caitlyn Camacho, Communications Coordinator, at 202.966.7300, ext. 154 or


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