Career Planning in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The array of career choices within the field of child and adolescent psychiatry is dazzling: would you like to do subspecialty training, such as a forensic or infant psychiatry fellowship, embark on a research career, start a private practice, or become knowledgeably in community psychiatry? The career paths of several AACAP members are featured here. We hope their stories will help you navigate the richness of our field and decide what might be the most suitable career choice for you.

Psychotherapy Training

Subspecialty Training/Different Careers in Child Psychiatry
AACAP members share their personal career paths in child and adolescent psychiatry in the following subspecialties: academic psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, infant psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and systems of care.

Professional Development

Professional Development
Learn how to expand and enrich your career as an early career psychiatrist with a voluntary faculty appointment.