Last updated September 2013.

Life Member LogoThe workings of and the demands from the internet can be confusing to some elderly. You know who you are. I also know that Ginger Anthony has been struggling with the Academy staff to find a better, simpler way to enroll Owls to become engaged securely and easily with one another via the internet.

The huge popularity and the thunderous chatter at the Annual Meeting’s Owl Dinner suggest it would be wonderful to facilitate Owl communication throughout the year. So far, however, secure and simple are attributes that we cannot easily find together on-line.

But, a story I heard recently does fuel my hopes. Of course, it may not be true, but I hope it is. The story is that an “older” woman became tired of forgetting the password to log onto her computer. It then dawned on her to change her password to “incorrect.” Now, it no longer mattered what word she typed to log-on, because she was always given the reply, “Your password is incorrect.” Ginger needs to find this woman.

I’ll get back to the Owl Dinner in a few paragraphs but I first want to thank the many of you who continue to donate to support the Academy generally. For example, during the past year the Owls have been the top group of givers to both the 60% Society and to the Virginia Q. Anthony Fund. The 60% Society donations go to the Campaign for America’s Kids, and the VQA Fund paid for a portrait of Ginger and for the dedication of the Academy lobby in her name. In addition, that money has also endowed a new, annual Virginia Q. Anthony Outstanding Woman Leader Award.

Now, what about all the money you have poured into the Life Member Fund? As I mentioned in our previous e-Newsletter, your generosity continues to set records here as well. It allowed us to increase our medical student and resident travel grants to this year’s Annual Meeting from 10 to 14 and 12 to 15, respectively. This is spectacular.

We not only received wonderful thank-you notes from last year’s recipients, but one resident grantee from last year emailed me in June to offer to help the Owls in Orlando. She is paying her own way this year but said she was so grateful for last year that she would love to help us in any capacity this year, i.e.: distribute pamphlets or fliers, help set up the LM’s Lounge, arrange things before the LM Dinner, etc. I couldn’t believe it. I’m very used to hearing pleases and less often thank yous, but offers to help with scut work, never. Her name is Dr. Victoria Pham and, as an undergraduate, she majored in gerontology at USC.

Life Member Owl PinThis brings me to Orlando. It is a great destination for children, the young at heart, and those in their second childhood. Everyone who has donated at least $400 (the amount of our forgiven dues) to the Life Member Fund since last year’s meeting will receive a gorgeous enamel 2013 commemorative Owl pin.

Our Owl Wisdom Perspective this year will match a pioneer with a current star in the two areas of Pediatric-Psychiatry-Child Psychiatry Triple Board training and in the field of School Consultations. The first topic is a nod to the fact that our meeting this year overlaps with that of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Last, but not least, on Friday there will be our now legendary Life Member Dinner. Register now. For the first time, we can register simultaneously for the Meeting and the Dinner. In past years, after registering for the Meeting, we had to re-register at a separate website to pay for the Dinner. This is so much easier! The Dinner and its Open Bar are the same price as last year and will be held in Disney’s Swan Hotel, which is within walking distance from our Meeting’s primary Dolphin Hotel. By popular demand, I will say little from the head table to interrupt your conversations with fellow Owls and with the 29 medical student and resident grantees who will be scattered throughout our tables. However, as a special treat, I have asked Dr. Pham to say a few words about what the Life Members Group has meant to her.

Hoping to see you in Orlando,