Life Member LogoIn spite of our aging minds, we all remember at least one or two mentors from our training who had a significant impact on us. This is an opportunity to potentially have that type of impact on those who attend the meetings looking for answers.
-Perry Bach, M.D.

The AACAP Mentorship Program during the Annual Meeting receives over 100 participants each year. They are matched with a mentor and attend the scientific sessions as well as specific career building programs to better orient them with the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. In 2011 the Life Members added another layer to this program by creating the Life Member Mentorship Grants for Medical Students. This program brought 7 medical students to the 2011 Annual Meeting allowing them to connect to our most senior and influential members. Alongside this new program the Life Members expanded their child and adolescent psychiatry travel awards from two in 2010 to eight in 2011. The fifteen award recipients benefitted from this unique experience as Life Member mentors Perry Bach, M.D. and Lois Flaherty, M.D. detail below:

Each group consists of medical students, psychiatric residents, and child fellows, as well as another mentor. It's an opportunity to hear and respond to their questions, as well as to hear what issues are on their minds. In addition to the fun of interacting with young trainees, it's great to meet with people who listen to us and are actually interested in what we have to say. You also get the chance to repeat anecdotes and talk about experiences that people you work with are tired of hearing!
-Perry Bach, M.D.

I encourage anyone who hasn't done it to be a mentor. I did it for the first time last year (encouraged by Perry Bach, one of my mentors) and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Despite the fact that training has changed enormously since I was resident, today's trainees still face the same challenges that we did in making decisions about careers and balancing work and personal life. They are eager to talk about their concerns and to hear our experiences.
-Lois Flaherty, M.D.

This year the Life Members are excited to announce that these two programs will expand again bringing 10 medical students and 12 residents to the 2012 Annual Meeting. All Life Members are welcome and encouraged to become a Life Member mentor as we continue to work towards cultivating the upcoming generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists. For more information please contact the Development Department at or 202.966.7300, ext. 140.