Everyone who donates at least $400 to the Life Members Fund between November 1, 2012 and October 31, 2013 will receive a limited edition 60th Anniversary Life Member OWL PIN as our way of saying "THANK YOU!"

Your gift of $400, the equivalent of a Life Member's excused annual dues, is what allows us to do the vital work of growing the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry by mentoring medical students and residents, and sponsoring their attendance at the Annual Conference.

This year alone Life Members are sponsoring 29 medical students and residents to attend the Annual Conference; paving the way for the next generation of CAPs. Support the Life Members Fund and receive a limited edition 60th Anniversary OWL PIN by donating at least $400 today! Just click on this sentence and remember to select the Life Members Fund from the Drop Down Menu!

Thank you very much for your gift! We're investing in the future of children's mental health.


John Schowalter

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