An Update on My Life
March 2012
Carlos Salguero, M.D.

I have been asked by my friend and colleague, John Schowalter to share with you some of my activities, interests and pursuits at this stage of my life." Indeed, it is a good time to reflect on my past, present and future life.

First, I am still very active professionally, working full time as Medical Director at The Village for Families and Children, a comprehensive mental health agency for children in Hartford, Connecticut. which is 200 years old. I am engaged in clinical and administrative work, helping develop new programs and quite involved in the Training and Education component. I am also involved in a private nonprofit organization, "Friends of Guatemala." The organization does fundraising and sends medical and educational supplies to Guatemalan Villages in need.

I still keep in touch with my University of Michigan colleagues and friends where I did my training both in adult and Child Psychiatry. I have been meeting with them at the Academy meetings since I can remember, but, at least, the last 30 years. We constantly reminisce about our training days and about our mentors, Stuart Finch and Saul Harrison. Personally, they helped me develop my own vision of what would be my calling in child psychiatry, Community Psychiatry, and sent me to get my masters in Public Health. Later Al Solnit continued to provide me with the support I needed to pursue my interest in this area of Child Psychiatry.

In 2004, Ted Petty and I edited the book, Community Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; A manual of Clinical Practice and Consultation. Finally, I have my wife and life companion, Susan, a Jungian analyst. Together, we read, take walks and spend time with our children and grandchildren. My life is just beginning.