March 2013
Virginia Q. Anthony

Life Member LogoAlas please remember secret seven, never secret and now only three with an extra, Jim Heald. Hal Boylston has moved to Maine.

...who are the secret seven? Basically forty plus years ago, a group of child psychiatrists/analysts in Houston began monthly dinners to discuss the Journal...their fabulous wives eventually joined them, the notions the Journal discussion evaporated. and they gradually changed to hedonists. The dinners became more and more exotic, the laughter roared in hilarity, friendships got deeper, sharing so many of the ups and downs of life....and the friendships endure.

So for about 38 years of my passage as executive director, I wanted to experience the secret seven, and then two years ago, I got up my moxie and invited myself to dinner. And it happened again in December....too much fun, it was worth waiting for...and I cherish my two dinners with this outstanding group.

So below is a picture of original seven, and a picture two months ago...

Super Seven - Old

The Original Secret Seven (and spouses):
Roy Aruffo, M.D. (Nancy)
Bill Moore, M.D. (Grace)
Hal Boylston, M.D. (Barbara)
Douglas Hansen, M.D. (Helen)
James C. Heald, M.D. (Mary Lee)
Jim Duffy, M.D.
Jim Robinson, M.D.

Super Seven - New

Super Seven - New

Thank you Doug and Helen Hansen, Bill and Grace Moore, Roy and Nancy Aruffo (most spectacular hosts ever), and Jim and Mary Lee Heald.