Last updated June 2013.

by Ginger Anthony

Life Member LogoThe Chair of our History Committee, David Cline, M.D., ever on the trail of important records of AACAP, found a fountain of information in interviewing William Stark, M.D., Treasurer 1973-1979 (three terms). Bill was an officer at a critical period, developed the first budget, sent dues notices from his office and generally set the AACAP on a sound course for financial growth. He later served as Chair of our Building Committee which was charged with finding our home, which he did. He and the Building Committee, found our 14,000 square foot headquarters on Wisconsin Avenue. It has served us well. In fact a Washington Business Magazine, Regardies, claimed that the academy stole the wonderful building perfectly situated north of the Washington Cathedral in a beautiful neighborhood. So Bill was a part of all the strategic decisions in a remarkable period of activity of the Academy.

But this story is in two parts... Bill Stark's story of starting a private practice in Washington, one of four in D.C. at that time, and of David Cline's passion. David used his airline miles, penny jar and own resources and supported his trip to Washington. The office, Bill and Richard Gross, M.D. supplied the staging and later a brilliant aside. Rob Grant videoed the fascinating interview, and when the tape ended Bill shared an aside, one of his important contributions to child psychiatry in Washington, that of consulting to the Psychiatric Institute. His assignment was to improve record keeping. Dick Gross jumped in with his own story, that of being commended for his record writing at the Psychiatric Institute... and the connection was made.

Later that night the group celebrated history at a dinner at the Anthony's, with Bill and Vivienne Stark, Dick and Carol Gross, Heidi and Jack Fordi, Charlotte Noshpitz, David Cline and... MARY CROSBY, Director of Government Affairs, 1981 to 2004.