Last Updated July 2011.

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Dear Fellow Life Members,

I am excited to announce a new opportunity for Life Members-the AACAP Mentorship Network! This new initiative administered by the AACAP Research, Training and Education Department is a resource for members who agree to serve as mentors for medical students, residents, and early career psychiatrists. The Mentorship Network aims to:

  • Identify and recruit AACAP members who are enthusiastic about mentorship
  • Serve as a clearinghouse to set up initial contacts between mentors and mentees
  • Provide high quality mentors to medical students, residents, and early career psychiatrists interested in child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Recruit medical students and residents into child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Enhance careers and build relationships between mentors and mentees

Mentees sign up by completing a questionnaire and are matched with a child and adolescent psychiatrist based on information related to geographic location, similar interests, time commitments, etc. Some mentors meet face-to-face with mentees while others communicate via email, Skype, and phone. Because it is a virtual program it is available to all of our members throughout the year.

I look forward to participating in this program this year. As a Life Member I believe it is important to give back to an organization that has been a critical part of my professional life. And as a group I know it is our goal to aid an upcoming generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists as they begin their careers. This new mentorship network presents all of us with a wonderful opportunity that is both flexible and rewarding to mentees as well as mentors. You can register by logging on to the Members Only Section of the AACAP website. There you will be guided to online survey that will then sign you up to become a mentor. You can also sign up for the program by contacting Ashley Partner, Training and Education Manager, at

When you attend this year's AACAP/CACAP Joint Annual Meeting in Toronto, I encourage you to sign up to be a mentor for the AACAP Mentorship Program for Medical Students and Residents. For more information and to sign up to be a mentor at the Annual Meeting please contact the Research, Training and Education Department at

I hope that you will join me in participating AACAP's mentorship opportunities!

Best Wishes,

Laurence Greenhill, M.D.