Last updated July 2011.

E. James Anthony, M.D., F.R.C.P.
My Pathway to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  
The Influence of Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, and Anna Freud
on my Clinical Orientation

Please note that the picture will fade out during segments one and two, but the audio will still be available. Please allow at least 15 minutes for each of the video segments to load before viewing in order to avoid unwanted breaks in the streaming.

The Search for Little People

Life Member LogoNo question. It was a moment to remember. A bright autumn afternoon in New York. AACAP Life Members filing into the lecture hall for the inaugural Wisdom Clinical Perspective. It was to honor their own colleague, Life Fellow and beloved senior statesman, E. James Anthony, M.D., F.R.C.P. There he was, at age 94, just a few days out of major surgery, sitting up on the stage in a wheel chair engaging the growing audience with that pixie- like smile of his --- even before the program would begin. In his welcome and introduction, Chair John Schowalter, M.D. noted Dr. Anthony's hundreds of journal articles and books, as well as his own ground breaking research, as the first to describe the concept of vulnerability and resilience. That early work anticipated the interaction of constitution and environment, work that is now moving our cherished developmental theory into a developmental science.

After the introduction, Dr. Anthony began the reminiscence he calls: 'Search for Little People'. It's his own life story, embedded in the context of personal reflections on his encounters with the other giants of child development, Jean Piaget, Anna Freud, and Erik Erikson. Discussants Jack McDermott, Donald Gair and Ted Shapiro follow with their own reactions to the Anthony 'search', and Dr. Anthony responds to questions from the audience.

The video that follows will bring back your own memories of those early years, when the patron saints of developmental theory opened up a whole new world of childhood for us. Only this time you won't be viewing them through the distance end of the telescope. Dr. Anthony's talk is laced with warmth and humor-the human side of his relationship with them-and with us.

You will hear of his childhood in India, his medical, psychiatric and psychoanalytic training and teaching career. A career that led from London's Maudsley Hospital and Hampstead Center across the Atlantic to America--- to occupy the worlds first child psychiatry chair, The Ittleson Professorship at Washington University in St Louis. Along the way he has been honored and be-medaled again and again, served as president of several international child psychiatric organizations-and of course, as president of the AACAP, where he captured the heart of the love of his life, Ginger Bausch Anthony.

The award for this first Life Fellows Wisdom Clinical Perspectives reads:

"The giant upon whose shoulders all other giants stood."
Inaugural Life Members Wisdom Clinical Perspectives
October 28, 2010
With Deep Appreciation,
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

You are about to share in Dr. Anthony's 'Search for Little People'-and experience those same warm feelings the audience felt then. As you listen, sit back and let it remind you of your own search, too.

Jack McDermott, M.D.
Life Members Subcommittee member