by David Ellis, M.D

Life Member LogoDuring this past winter the Life Member Subcommittee created a new initiative, termed "The 100 Oldest." The initial purpose of such an initiative was to recognize, in some ways, the older members of the Academy, and to show them that not only are they not forgotten but also that they remain valuable resources to the Academy and to its members.

Ginger Anthony and the Academy staff collected contact information about these one hundred members and circulated the list to the Life Members, asking that some kind of contacts be made, by phone, email and/or letter. It was left open what the next steps might become.

Because I knew seven of the one-hundred well, and that some even lived locally to me, I elected to send a letter of welcome, recognition and thanks to each, as well as a personal memory or experience we had. These contacts went back to fellowship days and also to psychoanalytic training days, back in the 60's and 70's. The letters were especially easy for me to compose: I like to acknowledge the shoulders I stand on!

I received both written and phone replies, some of which are included below (with permission.) All were grateful not only for being remembered but also pleased to know they made an impact.

As a result of my efforts, and the response received, I was asked to take on the task ( actually the honor ) of continuing the responsibility for The 100 Oldest, even though the actual details remain to be decided. (That's what happens when you volunteer an idea!). I will be happy to discuss this project with other Academy members.

Click the links below to read correspondences between Drs. John Schowalter and Bill Stark as well as letters written to Virginia Anthony in response to her 100 Oldest Members efforts.

Correspondences in Word Format

Hand-written Letters to Virginia Anthony from Drs. Bellenden Hutcheson and Dean Coddington

If you have had a correspondence with any of the AACAP 100 Oldest or would like to become more involved in this project please email David Ellis, M.D. at

Last updated October 2011.