Donors to the Life Members Fund

Last updated November 2015.

Life Member LogoDonations from November 1st 2014 to November 1st 2015

Remember, donors who contribute $450 or more (the equivalent of an Owl’s excused membership dues) to the Life Members Fund between November 1st 2015 and October 31st 2016 will receive a limited edition 63rd Annual Meeting Life Members Owl Pin!

To ensure you receive your limited edition commemorative pin, donate today!

$1,000 and above
Adele L. Martel, MD, PhD
Alan A. Axelson, MD
Jack C. Westman, MD
Jack McDermott, MD
John Schowalter, MD
Lawrence Brain, MD

$500 to $999
Alberto C. Serrano, MD
Beth Ann Brooks, MD
Fred Seligman, MD
Herman Tolbert, MD
Joanne M. Pearson, MD
Joseph Youngerman, MD
Lois T. Flaherty, MD
Maria Tuskan
Michael J. Maloney, MD
Richard S. Ward, MD
Thomas F. Anders, MD

$100 to $499
Adrienne S. Ellis
Alan Paul Sandler, MD
Alvin B. Michaels, MD
Brian P. Jacks, MD
Bruce Hauptman, MD
Bruce Henry, MD
Cantril Nielsen, MD
Carlos H. Salguero, MD, MPH
Carolyn B. Robinowitz, MD
Carrie Sylvester, MD, MPH
Cynthia R. Pfeffer, MD
David W. Reid, MD
Dennis C. Grygotis, MD
Dennis C. Grygotis, MD
Diane K. Shrier, MD
Douglas A. Kramer, MD, MS
Ellen H. Sholevar, MD
Felix Maldona-Rivera, MD
Francis C. Pasley, MD
Frank M. Gatti, MD
Frank Rodney Drake, MD
Frederick Hebert, MD
Frederick J. Stoddard, Jr., MD
George Realmuto, MD
Giuliana G. Gage, MD
Gregory K. Fritz, MD
Helen Krell, MD
Herschel Rosenzweig, MD
James C. MacIntyre, II, MD
James Margolis
Jeffrey Sverd, MD
Joan Stern Narad, MD
Joel P. Zrull, MD
Joel S. Ganz, MD
John B. Sikorski, MD
John E. Dunne, MD
John Eichten, MD
John L. Frank, MD
Joseph J. Jankowski, MD
Kambiz Pahlavan, MD
Kay Mayfield Reichlin, MD
Kim J. Masters, MD
Klaus Minde, MD
Klaus Schreiber, MD
L. Eugene Arnold, MD
Lenore McKnight, MD
Leonel Urcuyo, MD
Margaret E. Tompsett, MD
Marilyn B. Benoit, MD
Martha Collins, MD, MPH
Michael J. Maloney, MD
Nirmalam Nagulendran, MD
Norma Green, MD
Paul Wender, MD
Perry B. Bach, MD
Quentin Ted Smith, III, MD
Richard Sarles, MD
Richard L. Gross, MD
Rita Lum, MD
Robert Daehler, MD
Robert Harnick, MD
Robert George
Robert George Bleck, MD
Robert L. Leon, MD
Ronald Borchardt, MD
Shamal S. Beltangady, MD
Sherry Barron-Seabrook, MD
Silvio Onesti, MD
Spencer D. Marcus, MD
Stephen Zinn, MD
Steven Jaffe, MD
Stewart Teal, MD
Theodore A. Petti, MD, MPH
Theodore John Gaensbauer, MD
Thomas Brugger, MD
Victoria I. Pham, DO
Virginia Anthony
William A. Sonis, MD
William H. Beute, MD
William J. Swift, III, MD
William L. Licamele, MD
William M. Klykylo, MD
William P. Moore, MD
William Stark, MD
Wun Jung Kim, MD, MPH
Young H. Kim, MD
Zvi Klopott, MD

Up to $99
Alan D. Megibow, MD
Alan Ezagui, MHCA
Alan Gurwitt, MD
Andrew Cook, MD
Anna Vander Schraaf, MD
Anthony A. Bottone, MD
Barbara Deutsch, MD
Barbara N. Young, MD
Basri A. Sila, MD
Boris Rubinstein, MD
Carolyn T. Villarrubia, MD
Charles E. Cladel, Jr., MD
Charles R. Korrol, DO
David M. Zwerdling, MD
Eugene Parker Shatkin, MD
Florence Levy, MD
George L. Wing, MD
Harvey N. Kranzler, MD
Hector R. Bird, MD
Howard Demb, MD
Ibis Dalia Sigas, MD
John E. O'Malley, MD, MHA
Joseph D. Saccio, MD
Keith C. Levy, MD
Kent Ravenscroft, MD
Lyndon Waugh, MD
Martin B. Laufe, MD
Michael J. Maloney, MD
Mohammad Maisami, MD
Paul N. Graffagnino, MD
Peter D. Schindler, MD
Reza Feiz, MD
Shashi K. Bhatia, MD
William Anderson, MD
Yeva Rubinstein, MD
Zenaida Mata, MD