An Appeal from John Schowalter

One number: 39. Two words: Endless gratitude.

Life Member LogoWithout our financial generosity, there would be no Life Members Fund. Since being founded in 2010, the Life Members Fund has made an investment in 22 residents and 17 medical students. We have impacted the lives of 39 young professionals and can take pride in the fact that, a larger percentage of them than otherwise, will join the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists. We made this happen.

One of our mentorship grant recipients, Jill Welte, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, said this about us, "As protectors, they provide mentorship to medical students and residents aspiring to become child and adolescent psychiatrists to ensure that the field will continue to thrive."

Wow, we "as protectors". This made me think. We are the face of child and adolescent psychiatry. For the past four-plus decades, we made and defined our field, so, duh; of course we are going to protect it!

We have already done much more than anyone dreamed older members would want to do or still had the ability to do. We amazed the Academy's Assembly so much that last year they voted us to receive their coveted AACAP Catcher in the Rye Award. Receiving that Award surprised and inspired me to raise more money so we can support even more medical students' and residents' expenses, to attend and be mentored by us at next year's 60th Anniversary Meeting in Orlando.

I just personally donated $2,000 to the Life Members Fund. I am not saying anyone else should do this, but I do hope that you donate the same or more than you did last year.

You can donate online or print a donation form and mail it to AACAP.

With many thanks and warm regards,

John Schowalter, M.D.
Chair, Life Members Fund