AACAP 2017 Election Results

AACAP congratulates the following members whose terms begin in October 2017 at the end of AACAP's Annual Meeting in Washington, DC:

President-Elect (October 2017-2019) / President (2019-2021) / Past President (2021-2023)
Gabrielle A. Carlson, MD

Secretary (October 2017-2019)
Andrés Martin, MD, MPH

Treasurer (October 2017-2019)
Bennett L. Leventhal, MD

Councilor-at-Large (October 2017-2020)
Mary Margaret Gleason, MD
John T. Walkup, MD

Nominating Committee (October 2017-2019)
Cheryl S. Al-Mateen, MD
John E. Dunne, MD

These elected members are a prestigious group of professionals that have consistently demonstrated their support and dedication to the mission of AACAP and its members. We wish them all the best in their new positions.

Thank you to AACAP's Nominating Committee, led by Paramjit T. Joshi, MD, for all their work determining this year’s election slate. Members of the Committee include Sharon Hirsch, MD, James Hudziak, MD, Kathleen Kelley, MD, and Bonnie Zima, MD, MPH.