Collaboration with Primary Care

Safe and effective mental and physical health care requires collaboration and communication between child and adolescent psychiatrists and other medical professionals. AACAP provides materials to assist clinicians and policy makers interested in developing collaborative care model.

Collaborative and Integrated Care Podcast Series

Episode 1 - The Basics: Starting a Program

Dr. Abby Schlesinger discusses the "nuts and bolts" of starting up a pediatric integrated care program in Pittsburgh, integrating into a large community-based pediatric primary care network.

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Episode 2 - The Possibilities: Financing and the Future

Dr. Schlesinger "talks turkey" about financing pediatric integrated care programs and what lies ahead for the field.

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Episode 3 - Meeting Pediatric Behavioral Health Care Needs in Underserved Oregon

Our guest, Dr. Mike Franz, discusses starting a pediatric integrated care program in Bend, Oregon, and the difficult decisions of what can and can't be done with the time and resources available.

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Episode 4 - The Big Picture - What Do Insurers Really Think of Pediatric Integrated Care?

Dr. Franz puts on his "other hat" as Medical Director for Behavioral Health for a major insurer in Oregon to discuss how they are viewing the value case for pediatric integrated care.

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