Clinical Informatics Resources

Child and adolescent psychiatry, like all medical specialties, is growing increasingly complex.  Child psychiatrists need to have access to the right data at the right time in order to make the best evidence-based treatment decisions. Biomedical Informatics involves Healthcare informatics, Translational bioinformatics, Clinical Research, Public health, and Environmental exposure. Clinical informatics may include optimization and integration within the EHR, clinical decision support, improving research methodology, public health, and outcomes improvements. The resources below allow for more in depth application of technology for healthcare, including partner organizations, as well as programs for continuing education, certification, and medical board subspecialization.  

Clinical Informatics Training and Certifications

  • 10x10 course information: AMIA's 10x10 program provides continuing medical education on informatics training Topics range from introductory health informatics to clinical decision support. This course is useful for those who wish to advance their health care profession with informatics training. 

  • Bachelors in Health Informatics

  • Masters in Health Informatics/Clinical Informatics/Data Science

  • Doctoral Programs in Health Informatics (PhD) 

For the Informatics Professional