Themed Programming

Please find below consolidated lists of programming for various segments of Annual Meeting attendees in one convenient place. Looking for other themes in the meeting? Many AACAP Committees sponsor Annual Meeting programs. Click the “Committee-Sponsored Programs” link in the online program schedule for other highlights.

  • Early Career Psychiatrists  – These programs feature lots of career-oriented topics and advice for child and adolescent psychiatrists within seven years of completing training.
  • International Attendees  – AACAP’s Annual Meeting has a global reach and welcomes all of our international attendees by having programming with a specific international focus.
  • Life Members  - AACAP Members qualify as Life Members when their age and membership years total 100, with a minimum age of 65 and with continuous membership. Life Members are seasoned professionals with tremendous expertise. These programs focus on mentoring the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists and reflecting on what we have learned from the past.
  • Medical Students and Residents  – AACAP’s Annual Meeting provides over 10 hours of mentoring activities for medical students and residents. Don’t miss these valuable opportunities to enrich your training experience.
  • Wellness Activities  - In an effort to encourage the personal good health and wellness of our own AACAP members, the Program Committee is continuing to infuse wellness into the Annual Meeting through special programming and activities. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to improve their well-being. These events are open to all attendees, their spouse or significant other, as well as families.